Co-editions NordSüd

NordSüd is happy to offer selected titles on a co-edition basis. Please see below for schedules and get in touch about pricing to join our upcoming printings.

The Rainbow Fish

Co-edition, delivery February 2024

All Rainbow Fish stories across all formats, including hardback and board book editions

09.08.2023 | Confirmation of order required, files available
15.09.2023 | Finished files due to NordSüd
13.10.2023 | Softproofs
29.11.2023 | Ex-Works (China)
01.02.2024 | EST delivery date

Mouse Adventures

Co-edition, delivery March 2024
Torben Kuhlmann’s Mouse Adventures (Lindbergh, Armstrong, Edison, Einstein)

09.10.2023 | Confirmation of order required, files available
03.11.2023 | Finished files due to NordSüd
01.12.2023 | Softproofs
01.03.2024 | Ex-Works (Latvia)
15.03.2024 | EST delivery date